Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Marketing for musicians. Listen up!

image courtesy of Teezeria

Recently, a band manager pointed out an article in Music Think Tank, noting the similarities to the underlying message of Recipe for Press. It was an editor's open frustration with mile-long pitches, emails not even addressed to him, and proposals that were bcc'd with the rest of the world (or even worse, a media blitz that discloses everybody's email address on the list).
The author wrote,
"These untargeted, long-winded marketing pieces are lazy, in some cases costly, and completely pointless. Stop sending them."
and then goes on to say.......
"Just a few days ago a radio promo company sent me one of these pieces of crap.  I was too busy to even begin reading the very long, untargeted email, but almost set aside time to email the band and let them know that the company they hired to get the attention of people in the industry was a joke.  Not only are they sending out emails that I can almost guarantee nobody reads, but it’s made worse by the fact that the easiest way to get your music on Earbits is just to submit it to our online form.  You don’t need a radio promo company to do that.  Fire anybody who is sending wasteful notes like this on your behalf."

I couldn't agree more. Bands, save yourself a lot of money and buy my book. You can implement the simple strategies discussed in it while waiting for soundcheck and expect results. 

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