Amy Flurry, author
Amy is a writer, editor and stylist of 15 years with work featured in InStyle, Conde Nast Traveler, Paste, House Beautiful, Country Living and Daily Candy. Flurry served as a regional editor for Lucky magazine for six years and in 2012 debuted her first book, "Recipe for Press, pitch your story like the pros and create a buzz!" Flurry now travels the country lecturing and her popular DIY publicity workshops serve to strengthen relationships between editors and the entrepreneur. In addition to her editorial work, Flurry has provided brand consulting and writing for a mix of fashion and lifestyle clients. She lives in Athens, Georgia with her husband, Alan, and their two children.

Amy Hairston, personal assistant    
Joanna Sullivan, lead intern 
Joanna is a senior Magazine Journalism student at the University of Georgia. She dabbles in a little bit of everything at Recipe for Press from web design and videography to branding and publicity. She studied abroad at Oxford over the summer and she has joined forces with Dana (our PR intern) to work on the Athens Street Style blog.

Dana Balch, PR intern
Dana is a PR student at the University of Georgia. She runs Athens Street Style, a blog dedicated to recording unique style in Athens. In her free time she enjoys art history, photography and finding an app for everything. 
Abby Wilhelm, Graphic Design intern
Abby is a Graphic Design student at the University of Georgia with a background in photography. A competitive swimmer since she was eight, Abby is now the apparel chair for UGA’s Triathlon Club.
Brittany Robertson, Graphic Design intern
Brittany is a 5th year student interested in multiple platforms of communication. With a passion for finding creative ways to tell stories, she is majoring in Graphic Design and Magazines with an emphasis in Photojournalism. She loves branding, social media, and web design, and is currently serving on Student Government exec to create a UGA mobile app for the student body. 
Vasilisa Barsukova, Graphic Design intern
Vasilisa is a Graphic Design student in the Lamar Dodd School of Art and graduated in May 2012. With a passion for beautiful illustrations and well-kerned type, she has been designing postcards, testimonials, bookmarks, and illustrations for the blog and the newsletter for the past year. 

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  1. Exceptional photo shots of the team. A standard I will remember. Debbie Ericson in Savannah


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