Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pitching Pitfalls...and how to keep from stumbling.

Failing to personalize your pitch
Nothing sends an editor reaching for the DELETE button faster than the words, To Whom It May Concern. Always address an editor or blogger by name. And don’t forget to double check spelling before you hit send.
Sending Lackluster Images
Poor quality images make a real impression, but not the one you're hoping for. Play it safe and have photos that are publication ready.
Your pitch is the email equivalent of a short novel. Or maybe you pitched two or three ideas all at once. Consequently, you never heard from the editor. Next time, focus your pitch and deliver crafted specifically for the page you want to be a part of. Generalizing
Mention the section name you would like to be a part of and why, you feel, your product or idea might be a good candidate for the page. The easiest way to show an editor that you’ve done your homework is specificity. 

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