Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Intern Interjection, The Importance of Good Design

Reporting by lead intern, Joanna Sullivan, 21,
magazine journalism major

Upon recently perusing the shelves at Barnes & Noble, I noticed a  large number of very well designed books in the best seller/newly released section in the first two aisles. It seemed that with good design came great praise and thus these books were put at the forefront, displayed proudly for all to see. Of course, the way a bookstore has traditionally been organized is new at the front and the slightly older towards the back. Obvious observation yes, but this is just another manifestation of the fact that "new" is revered while that which is slightly older is less of a focus in the world of press. This is motivation enough to realize that keeping up with the times, especially in business, is a vital component to recognition and press.

What can we learn from these books who get front page status in the bookstore world? If only at first blush, that they represent a slew of new features that appeal to corporate and to consumers alike: fresh off the presses, fresh thinking, fresh on our minds, and all around fresh looking.

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