Monday, February 13, 2012

Editor's Jargon: Deskside

What is a deskside? Informal in nature, a deskside briefing is time with an editor to make a face-to-face connection and deepen an existing rapport.
Here is what they are not:
*reserved exclusively for publicists
*an opportunity to “pick their brains” or show every last product in your collection
How do you land a deskside? Assuming you have pitched and placed an idea with the editor, (asking for a deskside before pitching a product or story is a little like asking a teacher for your grade without taking a test) you can request a deskside in a simple email for a time convenient for the editor. But remember, this is a quick meet-and-greet to put a face to a name.The editor may even have to cancel last minute if they are running up against their deadline. It may even take place on a couch in the magazine’s reception area or in their cramped cubicle and it will be short.  So show up prepared with one (and only one) nugget of “new” news, a sample of a new product when possible, and a piping hot cup of coffee (cream and sugar please!) and a smile.  They’ll love you for it. 

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