Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On Building Media Relation(ships)

Almost 15 years ago I wrote a story on Amy and David Butler for Country Living. It was one of many I would pen on their "Midwest Modern" style and Amy’s line of fabrics and designs. The spread featured their home in Granville, Ohio, and highlighted the particular way they assembled things they loved. Amy was in the budding stages of growing her brand. David photographed it all and together they went on to write a book about it, Found Style, Vintage Ideas for Modern Living.
Today Amy Butler is a trusted voice in the design community, has several books under her belt and an expansive product line. Hers is a global brand name and Amy is a wonderful friend to many. So good at telling her story through pictures and communicating the brand with editors that I devoted an entire chapter to her (and David!) when it came time to write my book. 
Recently she shared Recipe for Press with her Facebook fans and friends. But she did more than just give it a little plug; she told a bit of our story.  Ours didn’t happen overnight. It developed over time, as will yours when you build relationships with editors and freelance writers. And out of that will come many articles and wider circle of media friends because we share material with each other too.
It was great fun to be on the receiving end of her kind words.  Almost 50 people from five different countries ordered my book in the two days that followed her post. This, my friends, is media relation(ships) then and today.
Image from Recipe for Press

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